Let your kids learn all about FROGS in a fun and engaging manner with the Frogs printable unit set at 2 Teaching Mommies! Let your kids explore all about frogs and learn the basics of reading and writing with these FREE printables!

Lesson Plan

The lesson plan covers an entire lesson for the week, plus optional ideas and some links to websites and printables as supplementary to the lessons.

Memory Verse

Used during the calendar time, the Memory Verse contains lessons that help your kids better understand various Bible verses.

Day 1 – Intro to Frogs

  • F is for Frog Magnet Page
  • Feed the Frog
  • Parts of a Frog

Day 2 – Frog Habitat

  • Lily Pad Letter Sounds
  • Lily Pad Number Match
  • Frog Habitat Craft

Day 3 – Frog Life Cycle

  • Tadpole Spelling Puzzle
  • Frog Life Cycle Patterns
  • Life Cycle of a Frog


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