It’s Camping Time!

Camping time is always fun time that’s why 2 Teaching Mommies has come up with the perfect activity set – Camping Time! This printables set features all things related to camping while teaching your kids the basics of reading, writing, and counting!

In 2 Teaching Mommies’ effort to provide its followers with convenience, all summer units, including the Camping Time set, are available in one single download through a zip file provided.

For the Camping Time set, the following printables are included:

  • T is for Tent
  • Size Sequencing
  • Pattern Identification
  • Spelling Book
  • Counting Clip Cards
  • Size Sorting
  • Number Order Puzzle
  • Which is Different?
  • Shadow Match
  • Memory Verse
  • Roll and Graph
  • Writing and Cutting Practice for Beginners

With all the great printables included in this special Camping Time set, your kids are guaranteed to have fun!


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