School Supplies!

Summer fun is almost over, and so 2 Teaching Mommies brings you a School Supplies unit set that’ll come in handy once school begins. The printables for the School Supplies unit set are all free of charge, and this is a gift from the folks at 2 Teaching Mommies to make your life better and easier!

This School Supplies set is readily available in one easy download through a single zip file.

There are lots of printables included and these printables are:

  • B for Backpack
  • Size Sequencing
  • Pattern Identification
  • Number Order Puzzle
  • Counting Clip Cards
  • Letter Puzzles
  • Spot the Difference
  • Size Sorting
  • Back to School Scavenger Hunt
  • Writing and Cutting Practice for Beginners
  • Phonic Clip Cards
  • Roll and Graph


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