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A few days ago, I received a letter from my kid’s teacher and this was the beginning of their apple-unit themed classes. Basically, the letter talked about what the kids will be learning about during this period, and she also asked us to bring 1-2 apples of any color the following day.

Though, aside from that, my kid also had an assignment about creating an apple unit. At first, I thought the teacher wanted the kids to create “Apple” devices! Kidding aside, there were several activities involving apples that must be done, and so, I helped my kid finish those assignments and we both had fun. Here are some of those.

“Pick” Some Apples

In one of the handouts, we were instructed to have apple cutouts using construction paper. However, in case that there aren’t any construction papers available, regular paper can be used, and just color the apples instead. After that, we, the mommies are tasked to hide the apples all over the room without our kids knowing. That was a little hard, but I managed to do that. Basically, you just have to keep your kids busy and while they are, take this as a chance to hide the apples.

After that, then you can proceed to asking your child to stroll around the room and go “pick” the apples. After finding the apples, then this would be the time for you to ask your child to proceed counting the apples they have gathered. It would be better if you can also ask them to create a graph of different colors and record these apples.

Read a Book Involving Apples

The next activity involves asking your kid to read the book entitled, “Ten Apples Up on Top,” and proceed with performing the next activity. Read the story for your child and, you can also use a pocket chart, as this would allow your child to understand the story better. Draw a tiny person and put him at chart– at the bottom pocket. If you have an die cutter, you can use this to create ten big red apples and put a label on them. As you go along reading the story, you can also consider adding an apple to the pocket chart.

Tissue Paper Apples

Last, but definitely not least would be the tissue paper apples project. Your child would need an apple frame which you’ll make using colored paper, and clear contact paper. Ask your child to stick a small tissue paper onto each square and this can be hung on their window.

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