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I want my kid to learn how to appreciate his food and have a deeper understanding about caring for animals. Thankfully, my cousin owns a farm, and so, I called him right away and asked him if we can visit his farm over the weekend and he excitedly said yes as we haven’t seen each other for almost a a year now!

We were very lucky because the kind of experience we had at their farm couldn’t have been better. Honestly, even I had a great time during our visit and that’s why I decided to share my experience with you guys!

Aside from that, I’ve also realized the importance of taking your kids to a farm, such as:

Although our kids are probably familiar about the ‘farm animals’ and sung Old McDonald during nursery, seeing animals up close and having the privilege to touch them is very different– this could change the relationship they have with animals, encouraging them to care more for these creatures and realize they are not always treated very well.

Milking A Cow For The First Time

Also, if you or your kid has never tried milking a cow before, then that’s another reason why you should definitely visit a farm. This would also make you appreciate where the milk comes from. We also had a chance to check out the milking machine my cousin use. I got really amazed at how much milk a single cow can produce! Thus, it gave me a greater sense of gratitude toward these animals.

That’s not all, we also heard stories about the animals there, like how the orphaned cattle was being bottle-fed by one of the farmers.

Overall, our experience with the farm is definitely pleasant and memorable. We were able to appreciate nature, the food we eat, and most especially, the farm animals that we don’t usually pay attention to. So, for other parents out there, I highly recommend that you consider going to a farm with your kid.


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