A brand new scarecrow set of printables is now available for download. As 2 Teaching Mommies will be gone for a few days, they’ve issued the scarecrow printables earlier. This is also the perfect set for transitioning to the month of November.

Like the rest of the printables, the Scarecrow Unit is available for download through a single zip file. Aside from the new printables, last year’s scarecrow printables are also included in this set.

Here are the printables for the scarecrow unit set:

  • Count How Many Crows
  • Size Sorting
  • Cc Letter Short
  • Writing and Cutting Practice for Beginners
  • Number Order Puzzle
  • Writing Maze
  • Roll and Graph
  • Tell the Difference
  • Spelling Page
  • Magnet Page

If you’re running out on ideas for the young ones, the Scarecrow Unit has a special Scarecrow Tot Pack available.


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