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Helping my young son with his flower unit preschool project was one of the things that I found to be truly fascinating in my parenting life. There was a lot to explore, and what I loved the most was the shared responsibility which made feel even closer to my son. I was not sure on the path to take, and partly this was because I had exposed my son to many flowers, and I didn’t want to repeat something we had done earlier to be part of the flower unit preschool project.

Flower drawing

I was not into going around collecting flowers and doing nothing with them. Instead, I bought some sheets of drawing papers and colored pencils and allowed my son to make paintings of the collected flowers. My son did the coloring all by himself, and I sat a distance looking on how he was relating the color of the flowers in his drawings.

Dissecting flower parts and putting them on a display board

The other idea that came to my mind involved picking a flowering plant, dissecting it into various pieces (flower, stem, leaves, etc.) and putting together the different parts on a display board. My son had to take his time to cut the flowers into the desired components, and that means that he had to take his time, think and come up with appropriate plant parts. The display board we used had a white background, and this ensured that the flowers look distinctively beautiful.

Cutting sheets of paper to assume flower shapes

I also found paper to be of great help. My project idea involved cutting flowers from papers and then applying appropriate colors from the flowers cut from the piece of paper provided. The idea takes a lot of time, however; there are many benefits to it. For instance, the child has first to think of the flower shape to be cut from the piece of paper, and another creative learning involves keen color selection to ensure that the paper flower gets to have an attractive look.


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