Rain Unit {Expanded}

Together with theeducationlife.com we present: With the coming of spring comes the rain fall, and at 2 Teaching Mommies, spring rain takes centerstage on the Rain Unit set of printables in collaboration with Topless Waiters Brisbane. This set is an expanded version, and it features a few more printables added to the original set.

Just like all the rest of the printables at 2 Teaching Mommies, the Rain Unit is a single go download so you can get a copy of all printables in one zip file.

Here is a list of the printables included in the expanded Rain unit:

  • Letter Sorting
  • Size Sorting
  • Identifying Patterns
  • Spelling Page
  • Number Order Puzzle
  • Writing Maze
  • Roll and Graph
  • Count and Clip
  • Writing and Cutting Practice for Beginners

If you’re looking for some fun printables for your younger tots, the Rain Unit also comes in a Rain Tot Pack version.

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