St. Patrick’s Day {Expanded}

Ye be happy with what the wee little people left just for thee! It’s the St. Patrick’s Day Expanded printables set that will make your children jump for joy!

The St. Patrick’s Day unit set has just been upgraded with a few more printables you and your kids can enjoy. All printables in the set can be downloaded in one go through the single zip file.

The inclusions of the St. Patrick’s Day set are the following:

  • Lucky Charms Graph
  • Spelling Page
  • How Many Gold Coins Can You Count?
  • Count and Clip
  • Roll and Graph
  • Number Order Puzzle
  • Letter Sorting
  • Size Sorting
  • Writing and Cutting Practice for Beginners
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Writing Maze

For younger tots, 2 Teaching Mommies has also prepared a St. Patrick’s Day Tot Pack for them to enjoy during this important holiday!


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