Free Bee Printables

Buzz goes the bees! It’s spring time again, and this time, 2 Teaching Mommies has the perfect gift for preschoolers and kids! The Bee Printables unit for preschoolers is now available for download.

A single zip file for all the printables in the Bee unit is made available for your convenient downloading.

For the printables that are included in the set, here is a complete list:

  • Parts of a Bee
  • Writing Maze
  • Pattern Identification
  • Spelling Page
  • Number Order Puzzle
  • Letter Sorting
  • Size Sorting
  • Count and Clip
  • Spin and Graph
  • Writing and Cutting Practice for Beginners

If you’re looking for some activity sets for your younger ones, 2 Teaching Mommies also offers a Bee Tot Pack perfect for toddlers.


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