How To Make Your Own Leaves Unit – Crafting Your Own Botanical Oasis

Leaf Art

The interesting thing about choosing a leaves unit for the kids is that the whole idea is indeed enjoyable as it provides an opportunity for a parent to connect with his/her kid in many interesting ways.

My kid and I were able to handle the leaves unit project in every possible approach we could, and the good thing about the interaction is that I found myself learning and enjoying myself too.

For instance, we did have some nature walks with the intention of observing and collecting leaves which we found to be of interest to our project. I found the idea fascinating.

DIY Leaves Unit

Anne and I were able to learn about leaves in their natural setting, and the good thing about this approach was that I found our bond growing strong and at the same time enabling my child to fulfill her learning ambitions.

After we were done visiting the fields, my suggestion was for my kid to sit down and make a drawing of the leaves unit that we gathered while out on a nature walk. Any learning process needs to have some active participation and creativity, and I proudly confess that my approach did capture both elements.

How We Did

It was fun sitting down and watching Anne as she was drawing some of the leaves we had collected, and I could occasionally step in to help her make some color decorations. Anne performed exceptionally well in her leaves unit class, and I attribute all this to the manner in which we made the final presentation.

Leaf Crafts

I suggested that Anne should include an actual leaf pinned to her drawing book, and next to that leaf should be the collage or print of the leaf in question. Besides, our presentation included pictures of leaves in different seasons; for instance, how tree leaves would look like when it is winter, summer, autumn or spring.

Any learning activity should make a kid connect to the world, and apply his/her creative imagination. At preschool, kids need a lot of guidance in their learning activities, and this aspect doesn’t need to be left only to teachers. It pays a lot to guide your child as he/she is doing a project suggested by the teacher.